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About Erasmus in School...

What is Erasmus In School:
EIS is a portal where you can find internships at schools and summer camps as English teaching assistant.

What is an English teaching assistant:
The role of the English teaching assistant is based on teaching English based on the following tasks:
-Making any kind of activity or workshop using English as a vehicle of communication.
-Giving conversation classes.
-Working with students in small groups Erasmus in school on Times of India


₹ 3000

Job Description

Interested candidates send a mail to [email protected] and mention in your email the following aspects:
1. Mention your strong points professionally and what you could do for EIS in the area of internship selected. Explain your ideas and how you could bring value to EIS.
2. Mention what do you expect from this internship.
  • International partnerships:
    Your tasks would be based on finding partners and influencers to develop "partnerships agreements". For this you need to have excellent writing skills and convincing strategies.
  • Digital Marketing:
    Your tasks would be based on writing a newsletter via MailChimp or similar, organizing the lists, posting on Social Media using automatization tools, analyzing key words and using digital marketing tools to improve the SEO of EIS.
  • Designing:
    Your tasks would be based on designing leaflets, checking out bugs on the website and designing framework to improve the design of the current website.
  • Human Resources:
    Your tasks would be based on recruiting teaching assistants for open positions in Spain and conducting interviews.
  • Database and Business Development:
    Your tasks would be based on creating a database of emails on an excel sheet, researching about competitors and connecting with student ambassadors and student unions from universities worldwide.
  • IT Sherlock Holmes: Your tasks would be based on “spying” our competitors online using different IT tools and finding out where they get advertised on the internet. After that, you will need to analyse the results and design a strategy to advertise EIS in the most efficient manner.
    Required skills: Having experience in creating organic SEO.
  • Video editor: We live in an audio-visual world. Your task would be based on transforming small bits of information into micro videos of maximum 1 minute.
    Required skills: Managing different editor video tools, having a sense of aesthetics and experience creating animated videos.
  • Bug Finder: Your task would be based on finding any kind of bug on the website of EIS. Testing the website from top to bottom and finding out its bugs and solutions to it. How can we make the same process easier for the user?
  • Front-end designer + product manager: Any successful website needs a client centric approach. Your job would be based on designing front-end pages for the website which are simple, clean, and customer-centric.
    Required skills: Experience with Photoshop, illustrator and similar front-end designing tools.
  • Student ambassador coordinators: EIS is launching a new program called “student ambassadors” where students can do mini-jobs for companies worldwide and get paid. Your tasks would be based on promoting this program on universities and colleges in India through different channels as well as creating partnerships with student associations which can get engaged.
    Required skills: Leadership skills, good at managing people and coordinating events.

Required Skills

  • Mentioned In JD

Company Location


Mode of Internship

Work From Home


    • EIS certificate showing all skills you have obtained
    • Work in an international team
    • Access to all information related to opportunities in Europe (scholarships, internships, job portals, etc)
    • Interns will work under projects. Each project will last 2 weeks and it will be compensated with 3,000 rupees.
    • Possibility to join the team on a permanent basis after the internship.