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About Boson Technologies...

Boson Technologies is part of Ergode Inc Group which is into building world class AI powered Ecommerce SaaS based products. Ergode is one of the world’s top E-commerce companies with a global reach of more than 120 countries and over 100 marketplaces. Founded in 2007, we have catered to over 5 million customers worldwide in a short amount of time. Currently, we have 21 curated websites that bring to our customers a wide array of products like different genres of books, internationally recognized baby products, beauty products, personal care products, pet products, and much more. These products are easily available to our customers worldwide at the click of a button. Ergode is consistently ranked among the top online shopping destinations as we have been rated as the ‘Top 100 Sellers’ on Amazon, ‘Top 50’ in Walmart, and have also managed to achieve the number 1 ranking on eBay.


₹ 5000 + Performance based

Job Description

  • Full Stack Developer :
    Note : Task to be done before the interview We need to create a small project in any language you prefer. The project will be asking users who are travelers to enter the name of the city. It will display all the information of the city. Also, the user will be displayed with an automated itinerary for their travel in the city. Please put information fields which you think are the useful information of the city a traveler is interested in. This project needs to be completed in 2 days max. Front end should be in html and the backend in any database they wish should not be a console project.
  • Data Science :
    Note : Task to be done before the interview We need to develop a machine learning system which can take various invoices in different formats and analyse them. The data in which has various line items of the purchases done with tax and totals. We have to make a model which can understand different formats, store them in db in right fields so that this could be used for financial processes later. You need to decide which algorithm will be right suited for this ? Why ? With few examples. Also, if you could build a model it will have bonus points.The task is for 2 days, accuracy should be at least 60% for the first pass.
  • Product Management :
    Note : Task to be done before the interview You are a product manager of an event company, due to pandemic all physical events have been cancelled. Your company needs a software product which has hosted multiple virtual events.The virtual event will have an auditorium, vendor kiosks, networking hub etc.The virtual exhibition can be accessible from mobile and web. As a product manager you need to create a product documents highlighting following parts
    1. Product Features
    2. Product Differentiators
    3. Competitive Analysis
    4. Go to Market Strategy
    5. Pricing Model
    6. Product Roadmap
    NOTE:Candidates can only apply for one position in this company. The given tasks are not compulsory but would be appreciated and will fetch brownie point

Required Skills

  • Refer Job Description

Company Location


Mode of Internship

Offline / Online, to be discussed between the candidate and the company during interview


  • Friendly Work Environment