The Recycling Company

About The Recycling Company...

Threco is an abbreviation of The (Th) Recycling (Re) Company (Co). The team comprises management consultants and investment bankers and other professionals who quit their professional jobs, as they believed they could come up with solutions to environmental challenges. For over 10 years now the team has relentlessly been working on Waste Management and Recycling helping creating awareness, helping corporates with eco-friendly disposal of waste and most importantly developing recycling know how. Now with Threco, the aim is to create a circular economy and approach the problem of waste generation and assessing its economic and environmental impact.


₹ 5000 + Performance Based

Job Description

  • FullStack Developer:
    • Develop and maintain the websites for Threco and its sister companies
  • Android Developer:
    • Develop and maintain the android applications for Threco and its sister companies
    • Developing an app for waste pick up
  • Mechanical Engineer:
    • Solar Panel Recycling
  • Chemical Engineer:
    • Working on Lion Battery Recycling.
  • Marketing and Communications:
    • E Waste Recycling is at a nascent stage and we are one of the leading companies in this stage, one needs to know how to promote and take the brand to the next level

Required Skills

    • FullStack Developer
      • Django Fullstack Developers
      • Be adept with DTL, Django queries, DRF
      • Adept with front end frameworks like Material UI and Bootstrap
      • Design is a plus
    • Android Developer
      • Adept in using Android Studio and Firebase
      • Knowledge on how to merge android application with DRF preferred
    • Mechanical Engineer
    • Chemical Engineer
    • Marketing and Communications

Company Location


Mode of Internship

WFH, For Mechanical and Chemical Interns, have to visit the plant, can be discussed with the company


    • Flexible work hours
    • Friendly work environment